A simple way to cater for every single student. Finally.

myEdOnline is the next-generation teaching and learning platform helping teachers work smarter, not harder.

What Our Clients Say

Differentiated, individualised and personalised learning right at your fingertips.

Every educator wants their students to get the most out of learning. Meeting individual learning needs is now the expectation, not the exception. But with immense pressures on educators today, this seems impossible.

That’s why we created myEdOnline.

What is myEdOnline?

myEdOnline is a teaching and learning platform that enables educators to create, assess, track and share learning with a whole class or just one student. 

Our educators use it to deliver blended learning, flipped learning, online learning and self-paced learning materials. Plus so much more.

You can use it to teach anyone, anything, anywhere. Any subject, any year level. Our clients range from primary schools, secondary schools, universities, RTOs, and private business.

Key Features

Ease teacher workload with myEdOnline

Ease teacher workload

Automate familiar workflows

Streamline workflows

Encourage self driven learning

Encourage self-driven learning

Enable differentiation

Embrace differentiation

Explore Solutions

Teaching and Learning Platform

Professional Learning Platform

Quick Facts

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Our Mission

We owe it all to Jess. 

I was lucky enough to be Jess’ teacher.   Jess was learning maths 4+ year levels above her age. Whilst Sam sitting next to Jess was struggling with the foundations.

How could I keep up with Jess and also meet the needs of the other 22 unique individuals in that class, without working myself into the ground?

This is the problem I set out to solve with myEdOnline.

Our Clients

myEdOnline can be used to teach anything to anyone.

Our clients are as diverse as they are interesting. From primary and secondary schools, universities and RTOs to corporate trainers and private business.

We also partner with Not-For-Profits and learning content companies to bring their excellent resources and expertise to life.

Some of the organisations we work with:

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