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Maintain continuity of learning with myEdOnline

Whatever you call it: remote learning, distance learning or distance education. You know it requires more than some worksheets and an online meeting. Captivating students who are learning from their bedroom demands a novel approach. Schools need simple, but fully loaded tools to make this happen, fast. myEdOnline gives students an enriching learning experience helping to maintain continuity of learning no matter what’s around the corner.

Fast implementation

Your school can be up and running in 24 hours. Plus, with a 1-hour self-paced short course your teachers will be trained and ready to get started.

Best-practice pedagogy baked in

Designed to enable differentiation, encourage self-driven learning and empower student choice. myEdOnline is an online learning platform like no other.

Happy teachers. Happy students

Teachers love myEdOnline because it streamlines their workflow, provides insight into student progress and makes collaborating with peers easy.

See how myEdOnline works

With myEdOnline, teachers transform their content into an engaging learning experience, track students’ progress, assess and give feedback – all in one place.

How myEdOnline enables remote learning

Simplified Learning Paths

One of the biggest challenges with remote learning for teachers is staying connected to their students’ needs. To know when to step in and help, give feedback or assign another task. The simplified Learning Path in myEdOnline gives teachers visibility and insight into each students’ progress all in one place. Keeping teachers one-step ahead of their students. 

Easily see learner progress

One-click learning path editing

Assign learning to one student or all

Drag and drop tasks to re-order

Streamlined Assessment

The myEdOnline assessment experience makes it quick and easy to see evidence of learning, provide feedback, assess and drill into data. Smart assessment functions like auto-marking and self-marking saves you valuable time. Tailor assessments to individual learning needs with the unique capture gadget – enabling students to submit almost any file type.

Empower student choice

Drill into data

Give feedback and mark in one place

Allow almost any type of assessment

Intuitive Content Creation

Transform your resources into an engaging multi-media rich learning experience. Include almost any learning stimulus: YouTube videos, documents, graphs, drawings or sound. Combine with an assessment task or allow students to choose what format to submit their assessment. Collaborate with peers and create a library of evergreen resourcesOr access resources from our community in the myEdOnline Global Library. 

As simple as a word or google doc 

Multi-media rich learning experience 

Add any resource or assessment

Save time with auto-marking

Ready to get started?

Check out our rapid-start guide to setting up myEdOnline.

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