What's the learning experience like for your staff?

When you want to provide the best opportunity for your staff to learn it's tricky to coordinate the time and space for everyone. Blended professional learning simplifies access to PD and gives leaders better insight. So each person gets the growth they deserve.

Available FREE for schools using SEQTA, Synergetic, SchoolPRO, or OMNILINK!

Track, deliver and create engaging professional learning.

Enable blended professional learning at your school.

Do you apply best practice pedagogy to professional learning at your school? Do your staff members get the training and knowledge when they need it, in a format that suits them?

Knowledge sharing and training in schools is a unique challenge. Staff meetings aren’t ideal for learning, and during the day teachers are busy, teaching. Plus, staff also need to fit in planning, bus duty, after school sport, camp etc etc. So it’s no surprise that staff don’t turn up to professional learning sessions. They’re simply too busy.

myEdOnline’s Professional Learning Platform helps you to apply blended learning principles to your staff’s learning experience. Plus, here’s the best bit. It’s free!* 

Available free for schools using one of these systems:

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Key Features

Centralised professional learning

In one place, create, track and deliver professional learning. Helping to Increase consistency and visibility of learning.

Streamline management

See progress, provide feedback and check compliance in one place. Saving you time and increasing accountability.

Systematise onboarding

Get new staff up and running quickly by setting up standard on-boarding resources and tasks.

Intuitive and easy to use

Transform your resources into a multimedia rich learning site. No technical experience necessary.

Empower knowledge sharing

With a centralised platform you can progressively build a rich library of learning resources for your staff.

Personalise for your staff

Each staff member has their own learning pathway that you can add to and change according to their needs.

securely stored cloud hosted
Securely stored and cloud hosted
Integrates with other school systems
myEdOnline is fast robust and reliable
Fast, robust and reliable
Works on all devices

See it in action

A simple way to create individual learning pathways.

Every staff member has their own learning pathway, that you can add to and edit according to their needs. 

The simple but powerful design makes it easy for everyone to get started in minutes.

Each block is a site that contains learning content. Staff just click on the block to start learning.

Click the video for a short demo.

Knowledge sharing made simple.

Knowledge sharing is a lot easier because all staff are automatically set up as both instructors (meaning they can create content), and learners.

You can easily share a learning resource with the whole school, or just one staff member with one click.


Click the video for a short demo.

Build a comprehensive library of professional learning resources.

All staff members can quickly create learning sites with resources and assessment tasks, then share them with their colleagues in a few clicks.

The intuitive site builder makes it quick and easy to turn your content into a multi-media rich learning site for your staff.

No technical experience needed – If you can use word or google docs, you’ve already got all the skills you need.

Click the video for a short demo.

Track, assess and give feedback.

Leaders and instructors can quickly and easily see who’s working on what learning tasks.

Get more insight into learners’ progress on one screen.

See marks, access completed sites and provide feedback in a streamlined workflow.

Click the video for a short demo.

What's included for free?

All staff at your school, from the principal to the groundskeeper can use myEdOnline Professional Learning Platform as a learner, or an instructor. For Free! Available for schools using either; SEQTA, Synergetic, SchoolPRO, or OMNILINK only.

Create and deliver content to your staff. Use it for professional learning, onboarding new staff, training on procedures, the possibilities are endless. You’ve got unrestricted access so you can create and share as much content as you want.

Our knowledge base makes it easy to get started and learn how to get the most out of your professional learning resource. Our support team are also there to help you along the way.

Access professional learning and training from learning providers. Including SEQTA professional services and Synergetic. With more to come.

Every staff member can view, update and manage their own learning pathway. Plus leaders and instructors can see learner progress and completion. Making it easier to keep track of individual staff members learning.

myEdOnline makes it easier to create custom professional learning plans for each staff member.

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