Simplified and centralised Professional Learning for schools

Track, deliver and create engaging professional learning with myEdOnline's Free Professional Learning Platform.

4 Steps to Get Started

Watch the videos below to learn how to get started with the myEdOnline Professional Learning Platform.

1. Access Your Learning Pathway

  • See your professional learning, in one place, in your own Individual Professional Learning Pathway.
  • Click on the home button and select “My Learning” to see your own learning pathway.
  • Each block is a site that contains learning, click on the block and select open to start learning.

No sites in your learning pathway yet? See step 2 below for how sites are sent to each person in a Group/Class.

2. Share Learning Pathways

  • Efficiently share and track Professional Leaning Pathways using the “Whole Staff Professional Learning” group/class.
  • All staff are added as Instructors and Learners to the Whole Staff Professional Learning Class.
  • As a team you can quickly share and track great professional learning.

No sites in your library yet? See step 3 below for instructions on how to easily easily create your own multimedia rich sites.

3. Create A Learning Site

  • With myEdOnline you can easily create multimedia-rich Professional Learning Sites for your staff or colleagues.
  • The intuitive site builder makes it quick and easy to turn your content into a multi-media rich learning site.
  • If you can use word or google docs you’ve already got the skills to create a learning site.

Want to know how to give feedback, check progress and marks? Check out the myEdOnline assessment experience in step 4 below.

4. Assessment Experience

  • Get more insight using the myEdOnline Assessment Experience
  • See marks, access completed sites and provide feedback in a streamlined workflow.
  • Watch the video below to see how it works.

The best way to get started, is to login and give it a go.

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