A simple way to cater for every single student. Finally.

myEdOnline is the next-generation teaching and learning platform helping teachers work smarter, not harder.

Differentiated, individualised and personalised learning
right at your fingertips.

Every teacher wants their students to get the most out of learning. Meeting individual learning needs is now the expectation, not the exception. But with immense pressures on teachers today, this seems impossible. That’s why we created myEdOnline.

Streamline Best Practice Teaching

Helping every single student to achieve their best can feel like an impossible task. Until now. With myEdOnline you can ease your workload and cater for multiple learning abilities in the classroom. Giving you more room for one on one teaching.

How myEdOnline helps teachers save time every day

Streamlined Assessment

The myEdOnline assessment experience makes it quick and easy to see evidence of learning, provide feedback, assess and drill into data. Smart assessment functions like auto-marking and self-marking saves you valuable time. Tailor assessments to individual learning needs with the unique capture gadget – enabling students to submit almost any file type.

Empower student choice

Drill into data

Give feedback and mark in one place

Allow almost any type of assessment

Simplified Learning Paths

myEdOnline is your mission control for teaching and learning. On one page teachers can track the progress, and add learning tasks for a whole class or just one student. You can see exactly what each student has completed and their results, all in one place.

Easily see learner progress

One-click learning path editing

Assign learning to one student or all

Drag and drop tasks to re-order

Intuitive Content Creation

Transform your resources into an engaging multi-media rich learning experience. Include almost any learning stimulus; YouTube videos, documents, graphs, drawings or sound. Combine with an assessment task or allow students to choose what format to submit their assessment. Collaborate with peers and create a library of evergreen resourcesOr access resources from our community in the myEdOnline Global Library. 

As simple as a word or google doc 

 Multi-media rich learning experience 

Add any resource or assessment

Create auto-marking tests

What Our Clients Say

Key Features

Embrace differentiation in the classroom

myEdOnline simplifies differentiation, individualisation and personalisation, so you can cater to the needs of one student, multiple levels, or a whole class.

Simplified collaboration with colleagues

Easily access, edit and build engaging multi-media rich learning websites in a global community of educators. So you can stop reinventing the wheel.

Save time with an improved workflow

See real data and save time with a streamlined workflow to help you personalise learning. View exactly what each student is working on in real-time.

Reduce overheads and waste

At less than the cost of a textbook, you’ll be saving time and money.Find out how we work with our clients’ to reduce their carbon footprint.

Get started in minutes

Intuitive and simple, set up your first learning website in just a few minutes. Then share it with students in one click. Giving you more time with students and less time on admin.

Submissions made easy

Allow students to submit almost anything. Stop sifting through piles of submissions, endless downloads and complex file formats.

securely stored cloud hosted
Securely stored and cloud hosted
Integrates with other school systems
myEdOnline is fast robust and reliable
Fast, robust and reliable
Works on all devices

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