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A simple way to cater for every single student. Finally.

Every teacher wants their students to get the most out of learning. Meeting individual learning needs is now the expectation, not the exception. But with immense pressures on teachers today, this seems impossible. That’s why we created myEdOnline.

Differentiated, individualised, and personalised learning right at your fingertips.

“The most intuitive and powerful way to build and share educational content and lessons on the market” – PETER DRUMMOND – Former Principal and Deakin University lecturer

“Hands down, the easiest way to create and track personalised learning pathways for students.” Michael Jones Principal – Coatesville Primary School” – MICHAEL JONES – Principal at Coatesville Primary School

“The easiest digital marking, assessment & feedback experience.” – JOHANN SCHOEMANN – Deputy Principal (Students) – Kingsway Christian College