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Simplify and centralise professional learning at your school. Track, deliver and create engaging professional learning with myEdOnline’s Professional Learning Platform. To get started complete the activation form below

Available to schools using one of these systems:

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Activation Form


  1. This agreement provides free access to the myEdOnline Professional Learning Platform.
  2. Upon commencement, the Organisation will receive complimentary licenses for the myEdOnline Free Professional Learning Platform, including:
    1. Content creator users for all staff members; and
    2. Learner access for all staff members.
  3. The purpose of which is to create and deliver professional learning, content and lessons (Sites) to staff in the organisation.
  1. myEd Online Pty Ltd (ACN 156 213 313), trading as myEdOnline (“myEdOnline” or “the Licensor”) has developed, and is the owner of, myEdOnline App Teaching & Learning Platform (“the Software”).
  2. The Licensor and the Organisation (“the Organisation” or “the Licensee”) have agreed to enter into this licence agreement for the provision of a licence to the Software, and other services by the Licensor to the Licensee.
  3. The Organisation acknowledges and agrees to comply with the myEdOnline Terms of Service – Integrations (“myEdOnline Terms”) and acknowledges that any personal information provided to myEdOnline by the Organisation or any user under this Licence will be held in accordance with myEdOnline’ Privacy Policy.
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