Accelerate employee development with a training platform that's ready to go.
Right out of the box.

Keeping up with training and development needs is like a game of whack-a-mole. Just when you've got it under control, something else pops up. Online learning gives your team access to training when and where they need it, keeping your business moving in the right direction.

Key Features

Centralised professional learning

In one place, create, track and deliver professional learning. Helping to Increase consistency and visibility of learning.

Streamline management

See progress, provide feedback and check compliance in one place. Saving you time and increasing accountability.

Systematise onboarding

Get new staff up and running quickly by setting up standard on-boarding resources and tasks.

Intuitive and easy to use

Transform your resources into a multimedia rich learning site. No technical experience necessary.

Empower knowledge sharing

With a centralised platform you can progressively build a rich library of learning resources for your staff.

Personalise for your staff

Each staff member has their own learning pathway that you can add to and change according to their needs.

Integrate with your favourite systems

myEdOnline Integrations
securely stored cloud hosted
Securely stored and cloud hosted
Integrates with other systems
myEdOnline is fast robust and reliable
Fast, robust and reliable
Works on all devices
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