Clickview Loves myEd and myEd Loves Clickview And All Other Embed Codes

What’s New: Put virtually anything into myEd like Clickview or any other embed code!

Have you ever said to yourself…

“I love Clickview, I love SlideShare, I love TED Talks, I LOVE IT ALL, I just hate having to send a bunch of links or individual resources out and my students have to go to so many different websites!”

But what if you could send all your students to a single place?

What if your students could in this single place access your handpicked links and resources in a highly engaging learning sequence that wasn’t death by hyperlink?

And what if you could see exactly where each student was at in real time?

This is no longer a ‘what if’ with myEd’s new ‘embed gadget’!

With myEd’s new ‘embed gadget’ you can now simply copy and paste any embed code from any resource around the web into myEd, and we’ll magically embed it into your quest. Say goodbye to sharing resources through death by hyperlink!

This way, you can share your Clickview videos, TED Talks, Slideshares and more in beautiful visual learning experiences (which we call quests) and get immediate feedback on exactly where each of your students are!

How can you share any resources from around the web in myEd in less than 60 seconds?

Let’s take Clickview for example, to copy & paste a Clickview video into myEd just take the following simple steps:

  1. Find the ClickView Video you want to use
  2. Click the Share button on it
    Clickview Share Button - myEd Blog
  3. Copy the embed code like below:
    Clickview Embed Code - myEd Blog
  4. Paste your code into myEd or add the embed gadget like the below:
    Copy Paste Clickview Video in myEd - myEd Blog

As you can see after you paste it into your quest like the above, myEd will automatically embed it in so your students can view it on any device!

Try it out today by simply copying an embed code and pasting it into your quest today!