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What’s New: Never worry about login hassles again! Welcome to Instant Login.

Never worry about login hassles again! Welcome to Instant Login.

Have you ever, after taking the time to create a beautiful digital lesson, got into class, reached the point where students are getting in then ….. a few hands begin to raise and you hear some voices say ….. ”I’ve forgotten my password” ….. ?

Then instead of just being able to jump into the awesome lesson you created, you end up having to spend 10 minutes just getting every student successfully logged in, and now you’re way behind on your lesson plan!

Sound familiar?

With the new Instant Login feature you can now with one click of the button have all your students signing in in seconds without any headaches!

How? It’s as easy as clicking the ‘Instant Login’ toggle, and for the next 10 minutes your students can simply type in their email (which if you’ve purchased a school license is autofilled for you) and hey presto their in! No need for passwords in the 10 minutes of Instant Login.

We’ve found using Instant Login our teachers have seen login times of just 40-120 seconds, enabling the whole class to focus on the exciting PBL, Flipped or blended learning at hand, rather than trying to figure out how to log in in the first place.

To try the new feature, just click the ‘Instant Login’ toggle inside your class like below. Enjoy!

How Instant Login Works