“The best tool to flip learning, see student progress & personalize for individual needs!”

Over the last 6 months we’ve been working with the talented and committed teaching team at Mt Eliza Secondary College and Real Time Learning (who are doing amazing work with Westpac and Senior Techies) and we recently chatted to teacher (and Real Time Learning leader) Luke Kerr about his experiences as a teacher using myEd.

Here’s what Luke had to say!

How have you been using myEd at Mt Eliza and Real Time Learning?

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We’ve been using it to flip our learning for our students – and it’s the first product we’ve used to flip our classrooms where we’re actually able to see exactly where each of our students are at and where they are up to which is great!

It’s allowing us to do this in a very easy way, and put a variety of different resources in front of our students – youtube videos, PDFs, quizzes and questions – anything you want to share with your students and then be able to track their progress of exactly where they are up to!

What have you liked best about myEd App?

It’s really easy to use! It’s also really easy to collaborate on with other staff and share

At the moment our focus has been to individualize and personalize the resources for students in a simple way – and myEd’s been brilliant for this.

How have your students responded to using myEd? What was the engagement like? Do you have a specific story in mind you can share?

When they kids first saw myEd – they responded “This is the way we want to learn!!!”

Our students are constantly wanting more quests!

It also means we don’t have to stand out in the front of the class and giving long detailed chat time – you can say, we can keep it brief because we’ve got a quest covering this, and the kids love this as it’s more engaging and holds their attention more.

A specific example of a student is Tom a Year 8 student – Tom got involved in using myEd to create quests for teachers on how to use myEd to re-define the ways they could deliver a lesson using the myEd platform. So in other words, Tom was delivering the professional development to his teachers on the best ways to use myEd and technology to engage him and his peers!

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For Tom, this was the highlight of Year 8 last year and now wants to do something like this down the track as a career!

How do you see Mt Eliza using myEd in the future?

We’re looking to use myEd to help us deliver powerful blended learning – we see it as the tool that will enable us faciliate classroom instruction for things that need to be explicit, and then use it for digital anytime, anywhere learning as well!

How has myEd influenced your Mt Eliza and Real Time Learning for the positive? Does it enable you to do anything you couldn’t before?

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It allows students and teachers to document a much more personalized learning program – it’s usually very difficult to do on the run, and myEd makes this possible much more easily!

3 words you would use to describe myEd App?

The best tool to enhance flipped learning, track student progress and create more personalized learning programs!