Stories from EduTech 2014 + myEd Launched to the Public

We recently attended EduTech 2014 held in Brisbane from June 2-4th; arguably the largest education conference in Australia with over 5,000 attendees and more than 300 exhibitors.

Rowan talking with customer at ET

While we have been in product development over the last 18 months co-creating myEd with teachers across Australia, myEd has only been available as part of a limited private beta – but this all changed at EduTech 2014.

We officially launched myEd for public use. 


Over the 2 days at EduTech our team was absolutely overwhelmed by the response from teachers and schools; the exhibition opened at 7am and closed each day at 4:30/5pm and we found ourselves still at the exhibition hall having great discussions sharing myEd with passionate and innovative teachers until well after 8pm (the cleaners had to kick us out!)

The feedback from teachers on myEd was incredible – in fact, a number of teachers who were presenting at the EduTech conference after seeing what myEd can do, improvised in their keynotes and workshops and recommended the audience to come and have a conversation with us (which was incredible 🙂

Across the conference our stall often ended up becoming an impromptu gathering place as people we spoke to earlier would constantly come back bringing their colleagues to see myEd – sparking lots of insightful conversations!

What did teachers & schools have to say when they saw myEd at EduTech?

While technology is often considered a key solution for engaging students in learning – the reality is that often (but certainly not always):

  1. It’s time consuming and can be difficult for teachers to integrate technology into their classroom
  2. Students’ experience of technology in the classroom is limited to Word processing, death by hyperlink, or the occasional educational app or game

One of our key goals at myEd has been to address these challenges – to make it incredibly quick and easy for teachers to use technology in the classroom and to create an engaging and fun learning experience for their students.

And the overwhelming feedback we received from teachers very much confirmed this!

Every person we spoke to (and we spoke to more than 250 people over the two days) commented on:

  • How fast and easy it was to get started with myEd and create your class (in seconds – watch this video here)
  • How incredibly intuitive, quick and simple it was to create learning activities as quests for students (often creating digital lessons & activities is a huge pain point that takes lots and lots of time – the main barrier to technology integration in the classroom)
  • How easy it is to see exactly where every single student in your class is at and exactly where they need help (this in particular blew people away – our learning analytics has been informed by the work of Lyn Sharratt & Michael Fullan – you can read more on it here)
  • How quick it was to be able to start individualising to meet specific student needs (literally with a single click in less than 30 seconds – watch the video here)
  • How it was immediately apparent that pedagogy had driven the development of the technology (as opposed to the other way around)
  • How engaging the learning experience with myEd is (apparently according to students it’s better than playing Minecraft; read about it here)

Couldn’t make it up to EduTech 2014 but want to see what myEd can do for your teaching?

We’d love to share with you what myEd can do.

Get in touch with us to secure your free trial account here or shoot us an email at hi[at]