We’re waging a war on lonely online learning by making learning intrinsically social

Learning online can be a lonely experience. You navigate through some activities, watch a video, read some material and answer some questions.

All by yourself.

Want to have a discussion with a peer? You’ve got to either use a completely separate tool (Facebook Groups or Edmodo), or you’ve got to click a tab which takes you into a forum.

And immediately your focus is broken and fragemented. You’ve moved away from the learning experience.

But this isn’t what real authentic learning looks like – where as you read or watch a video in class you can turn to your friend and ask a question, debate a point, get clarification. Immediately. It’s contextually relevant to the information and content you’re currently learning and exploring.

And that’s why we’ve introduced inline social discussions in myEd to create an intrinsically social learning experience for your students!

Say goodbye to a lonely learning experience online!

With myEd you can now as a student always see who is learning with you in real time and where they are at – so if you need to ask a question in person, you know who is working at the same level or ahead of you who might have the answer!

social learning

Have a question, or need clarification on anything in a quest? No longer do you need to go to a separate forum or discussion – simply highlight and start commenting away!

See another student’s comment or question as you’re going through your quest? Help them out and start teaching them!

Check out our intrinsically social learning experience here.

Social Learning In-Line