Our parent portal is now live :)

Too often parents feel left out of their child’s learning journey.

Only getting glimpses of their child’s progress from the ‘grunts’ of replies they may receive from their children over the dinner table, to the twice a year reports and parent teacher meetings at child’s school with their teachers.

myEd’s new parent portal changes all this.


For Parents

Designed by teachers, schools and parents, myEd’s parent portal enables parents to become part of your child’s learning journey with a beautiful time line view of a student’s learning – in class work and home work.

Parents can now see in real time their child’s activity including:

  • Overview of quests (activities, homework, assignments and projects) that are due with student progress, and due dates – say good-bye to the “I didn’t know it was due conversation”
  • The actual activities, questions and content that your child is working on – so you actually can help your child with what their working on because you can now see it!
  • Your child’s submissions and reponses to questions, and their teacher’s feedback on to your child’s work
  • Real time notifications and weekly email digests with your child’s progress
  • And lot’s more!

Long gone is the ‘grunt’ reply over the dinner table – as myEd’s parent portal is a positive conversation starter enabling you as a parent to better help your child.

For Schools

myEd’s parent portal enables schools to move from twice a year reporting – to real time feedback for parents & families.

Without changing or increasing a teachers workload.


Get in touch with us to find out more 🙂