myEd = Making Learning Fun

Over Term 4 we’ve been working with Ray Trotter, Kerian Nolan and the talented team at Woorana Park Primary School in Dandenong North, Victoria.


We recently chatted to Kerian about his experiences using myEd at Woorana Park and this is what he had to say!

How have you been using myEd at Wooranna Park?

As a more engaging LMS!

What have you liked best about myEd App?

The excitement from students, and being able to very quickly and easily break down the physical barriers and co-teach with St Columbus up in Port Maquarie.

How have your students responded to using myEd? What was the engagement like? Do you have a specific story in mind you can share?

The students have responded so well, we’ve been using myEd to break down the barriers of the physical school walls and co-teach with St.Columba and having a place for not only team-teaching interstate but also as a place for peer-to-peer learning to take place and allowing students to communicate and work together at their own pace outside of school hours.

Our schools have been collaborating since the start of the year, having to use Google Docs as a means of communication between students as Google Classroom didn’t support Team Teaching or inter-school connectivity.

myEd has now given us the ability to let the students drive the project/quest themselves and has enabled them to collaboratively create their dream school of the future in Minecraft and take it to the next level.

We were able to very quickly send out an engaging quest via myEd to the students about which classes they wanted to design in the “school of the future” and allow them to design how the buildings for these classes would look before constructing them in Minecraft. 

The interstate PBL has migrated from an “assignment” to a “quest” or journey on myEd with “side-quests” for personalised learning which we have all found to be a lot more fun and so much easier to manage overall!

Dragon Boat

How do you see Wooranna Park using myEd in the future?

With Google Apps integration acting as the software hub for the school to enable personalisation, deeper PBL, peer to peer learning, collaboration and co-teaching with other schools and a replacement to our reporting system.

3 words you would use to describe myEd App?

Making learning fun 🙂