Point Clare Public School Brendan Mitchell myEd

“myEd has been, for me…to flip all of my classes, an invaluable tool!”

“myEd has been, for me…to flip all of my classes, an invaluable tool!”

“Seeing the heads turn from watching a portion of the video clip to furiously type, and be engaged with the learning has been great!”

Brendan Mitchell, an innovative Primary School Teacher at Point Clare Public School recently posted a blog article on his experience flipping the class using myEd and we thought it’d be great to share, here’s some of the highlights:

“I have also now utilised the myEdapp website with a handful of classes, and the more I use it, the more I like it. Creating the units of work (called quests) is incredibly easy, and provides an inbuilt range of activity options, including videos, multiple choice, open text response, class discussion and others, and once the quest has been built in your library, it is there ready to go for next year, and is only two clicks away from being added to a new class.”

“Marking is straightforward, and provides the opportunity to give as much or as little feedback as you want, as each activity/question in the quest can be given feedback. You can also set the quest up so that students are required to self-assess against a sample answer, allowing you to give an indication of what you are looking for (particularly useful for reminding students they need to use full sentences), and they can self mark against whichever marking scale you select (numbers, words descriptors etc).”

“I can also add other teachers to a class [and share the same markbook]. This could be particularly useful for those in a [team-teaching] arrangement, or for those teachers in the position I am in, where they are providing relief time for the regular classroom teacher as it allows the regular classroom teacher an opportunity to see [in real-time] what the students are achieving and keep up to date with what you are teaching.”

“The support has been first class thus far. Contacting the team for support is a one click option (once you are logged in). There is a message icon at the bottom of the screen, which then opens up a sidebar chat screen where you type in your message, hit enter and the message is sent. Every question that I have sent through has been answered within a few hours (barring a few messages sent through on a weekend), and the team has been incredibly helpful.”

“Students have found it to be highly engaging as well. I spent time at the end of the two lessons in which I used the site asking the students for feedback on the site, and they all felt that it was easy to navigate, that it was easy to use and that the structure made it easy to follow through what they needed to do. myEd has been, for me, as someone who is attempting to flip all of my classes, an invaluable tool.”

To try myEd for free with your next class simply head on over to www.myedapp.com/signup today!

If you want to check out Brendan’s entire blog post check it out over here: C21stTeaching