“My students are coming to school with a love for learning”

One of a number of schools we’ve been working this term has been Auburn West Public School – we recently chatted to Supriya about her experiences as a teacher using myEd with her Year 1 and 2 classes.

What has your experience been using myEd so far? What do you love about it? 

Absolutely fantastic! Easy to access and navigate, kids are engaged, the quests are interactive and shows student progress.

Even though my students are in Year 1 and 2 they have begun to use certain features such as the social to communicate to me and to their peers.

Students are coming to school with questions and a love for learning. They constantly want more quests.

3 words you would use to describe myEd?

Engaging, interactive, practical

How have your students in your classes responded to using myEd? Is there a specific example or story that comes to mind?

Students are excited about earning the trophies.

They have become aware of what is expected and are making appointments to come and use the iPad at lunch when they are aware they don’t have time at home.

Students are becoming self-directed in their learning by telling saying ‘I like the videos as they show me what the animal looks like’.

Students are beginning to comment in social section telling each other  ‘fix up your spelling mistakes’, asking ‘how do we add pictures or links’.

Screenshot 2014-06-25 08.20.53

How has myEd influenced your teaching for the positive? Does it enable you to do anything you couldn’t before?

myEd has allowed me to create lessons that focus on background knowledge for students during reading groups. The students complete the set task before working with the teacher and as a result are able to understand terminology and the text read.

Screenshot 2014-06-25 08.23.50

Additionally, I’ve been able to create quick quests regarding topics that we will be learning in the future weeks. This information has allowed me to quickly ascertain prior knowledge of the students, which allows me to identify some of the students needs.

MyEd has made the process more efficient as data is displayed and has minimised marking and paper work.