More fun than Minecraft – Stories from Auburn West PS

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been working with Auburn West Public School as they’ve been rolling out myEd to a number of classes (Year 1 through to 6) and we’ve been blown away by the student response!

Students have actually been asking for more homework and apparently, doing homework on myEd is more fun than playing Minecraft…


myEd better than minecraft

And this has been one of many examples of students actually asking for more homework on myEd which has been amazing to see given our focus on developing an incredibly engaging digital learning experience for students.

We asked Candice from Auburn West about her experience using myEd so far..

I love using MyEd! It’s super easy to use and right at your fingertips on any device. The layout is so easy to navigate. Usually technology can be confusing – but not myEd!

3 words you would use to describe myEd?

Easy. Fun. Interactive.

How have your students responded to using myEd?

The kids have just excelled on using MyEd! They are posting on social to help each other out with questions that they don’t know the answers to which generally doesn’t happen with paper copies of homework. It also allows conversations between students who otherwise may never talk to one another.

We ran a flipped classroom homework quest on Captain Cook where the class via myEd did an activity on Captain Cook. It was amazing as the next day they came to school filled with so many questions and a number had even done additional research on Captain Cook and knew his birthday.

How has myEd influenced your teaching for the positive?

I am able to program and mark on the go!

I can be waiting at the doctors, or on my way to the gym or even laying in bed at night and I have the ability to program and monitor my students. It allows me to see their strengths and weakness in certain areas in real time as well!