Lighten fast creation & sharing of engaging learning sequences with our new myEd Authoring

Over the last 2 years as we’ve co-created myEd with teachers and students across Australia, we’ve constantly heard one thing.

Technology is great…. BUT it’s often too time consuming to get started using, and as a result it falls into the ‘too hard’ basket!

That’s why we’ve constantly been working with teachers to make it lightening fast to create and share rich engaging learning sequences with your students with myEd.

And, drum roll, we’re proud to announce that we’ve just launched our new myEd Authoring experience 🙂

Designed to feel like Google documents or Word Doc (so it’s familiar and comfortable) but with a whole lot more power under the hood, we’ve now made it easy for you to unlock the power of all the great learning resources on your hard drive and around the web!

With our new authoring experience, you can in minutes easily & quickly drag, drop, copy and paste the best resources and see it transformed into a beautiful , fun and interactive learning pathway for your students!

See it in action here:

New Authoring #1