Give Your Students Richer Feedback

At myEd we are constantly working to make your job as a teacher easier – and a specific focus we have had over the last term is how we can make marking and giving feedback easier (and richer).

For example, you’ve just delivered a great lesson for your class and want to get your students to reflect on the in class discussion you all had by writing 200 word reflection for homework. You want to be able to see their work, leave feedback, but it’s not assessable – so you don’t want or need to give them a mark. You can now do all this and more with our new richer options for providing feedback and marks in myEd 🙂 When creating your activity (or when you are marking and giving feedback) you can now select from the following options:

  • No Mark
  • Correct/Incorrect
  • Word Scale
  • Number Scale
  • Percent
  • Mark/Total
  • Leave written feedback & have a conversation with your students!

See our new richer marking and feedback feature in action here:

New Marking Options