Flipping the classroom – students delivering PD for their teachers using myEd

Over the last week Yohan from myEd spent a day with students at Mt Eliza Secondary school as part of their Real Time Learning project.

Real Time Learning enables something incredible for students – using the principle of 20% Google time – students in Real Time Learning get 1 day of the week to work on any project of their choosing!

After seeing, using and loving learning on myEd, a group of students decided to choose as their project for the week to ‘flip the classroom’ (in more ways then one!) and teach their teachers on how to use myEd in the classroom! (which we think is really awesome on a number of levels!)

The students spent the morning working with Yohan to create their own quests and then shared one with their teachers prior to the session (flipping the PD session) and then during the session spend time working actively with each teacher showing them how to use myEd.

On top of all of this they directed, filmed and edited the following video on the process & their experience!

Check it out here: