Chemcert Training Launch their Online Courses with myEd

We’re proud to announce that as of January 2015, Chemcert Training Group have launched their first (of many more to come) online chemical accreditation course with myEd!

ChemCert Training Group was established in 2002 by parent company ChemCert Limited who is a non-profit, industry-owned and operated company established in 1999 as the peak body for the training and accreditation of pesticide users in NSW. Chemcert Training now provide chemical accreditation to learners across Australia.

We recently chatted to Harris Karatzetzos, the Print and Digital Product Manager from Chemcert on their experiences using myEd and here is what he had to say:

How have you been using myEd at Chemcert?

Screenshot 2015-03-19 11.08.15

We have been using myEd as our primary Training and Assessment portal for students requiring Chemical Accreditation in Australia.

Our users are primarily Agricultural workers or amenity horticultural workers. We have successfully launched our Primary Accreditation Course and we are already working on getting our other training courses into the myed platform.

Our courses have already been delivered Australia wide to hundreds of students successfully using myEd.

What have you liked best about myEd?

I have personally loved the largely drag-drop intuitive content building experience as it is so useful not having to bother with clunky code and a steep learning curve.

The system just works and looks great on any device.

How do you see Chemcert using myEd in the future?

ChemCert plans to build further courses and provide a more  customisable student learning experience for clients working in the highly diverse agricultural industry.

We hope to also begin to create a more blended learning experience by implementing some precourse online work before face to face to bring people up to speed therefore streamlining the classroom experience.

myEd being so scalable means we have just begun to scratch the surface of the myEd system.

We plan to work to the platforms great strengths to better our courses learning experience and we know myEd will be there with us doing the same by constantly improving their platform.

Screenshot 2015-03-24 17.30.23

How has myEd influenced your training for the positive? Does it enable you to do anything you couldn’t do before?

Our courses have been largely Face to Face courses and held all over rural Australia.

Our company faced the challenge many are struggling with at the moment within a country where face to face training becomes less viable every day due to travel costs and overheads. Student cancellations due to their work commitments or travel distance can easily turn a full class into a modest gathering during role call.

myEd have allowed a streamlined transition into a company model of learning with no boundaries in a relatively short time frame allowing our students to get quality courses anywhere on any device.

3 words to describe myEd?

Simple, Streamlined, dynamic

Provide face to face courses and want to make a transition to blended and online learning? We’d love to help – feel free to get in touch with us at to explore how we can help you successfully deliver your courses digitally!