“The best tool to flip learning, see student progress & personalize for individual needs!”

Over the last 6 months we’ve been working with the talented and committed teaching team at Mt Eliza Secondary College and Real Time Learning (who are doing amazing work with Westpac and Senior Techies) and we recently chatted to teacher (and Real Time Learning leader) Luke Kerr about his experiences as a teacher using myEd.

Here’s what Luke had to say!

How have you been using myEd at Mt Eliza and Real Time Learning?

Screenshot 2015-03-19 09.56.11

We’ve been using it to flip our learning for our students – and it’s the first product we’ve used to flip our classrooms where we’re actually able to see exactly where each of our students are at and where they are up to which is great!

It’s allowing us to do this in a very easy way, and put a variety of different resources in front of our students – youtube videos, PDFs, quizzes and questions – anything you want to share with your students and then be able to track their progress of exactly where they are up to!

What have you liked best about myEd App?

Lighten fast creation & sharing of engaging learning sequences with our new myEd Authoring

Over the last 2 years as we’ve co-created myEd with teachers and students across Australia, we’ve constantly heard one thing.

Technology is great…. BUT it’s often too time consuming to get started using, and as a result it falls into the ‘too hard’ basket!

That’s why we’ve constantly been working with teachers to make it lightening fast to create and share rich engaging learning sequences with your students with myEd.

And, drum roll, we’re proud to announce that we’ve just launched our new myEd Authoring experience 🙂

We’re waging a war on lonely online learning by making learning intrinsically social

Learning online can be a lonely experience. You navigate through some activities, watch a video, read some material and answer some questions.

All by yourself.

Want to have a discussion with a peer? You’ve got to either use a completely separate tool (Facebook Groups or Edmodo), or you’ve got to click a tab which takes you into a forum.

And immediately your focus is broken and fragemented. You’ve moved away from the learning experience.

But this isn’t what real authentic learning looks like – where as you read or watch a video in class you can turn to your friend and ask a question, debate a point, get clarification. Immediately. It’s contextually relevant to the information and content you’re currently learning and exploring.

And that’s why we’ve introduced inline social discussions in myEd to create an intrinsically social learning experience for your students!

Chemcert Training Launch their Online Courses with myEd

We’re proud to announce that as of January 2015, Chemcert Training Group have launched their first (of many more to come) online chemical accreditation course with myEd!

ChemCert Training Group was established in 2002 by parent company ChemCert Limited who is a non-profit, industry-owned and operated company established in 1999 as the peak body for the training and accreditation of pesticide users in NSW. Chemcert Training now provide chemical accreditation to learners across Australia.

We recently chatted to Harris Karatzetzos, the Print and Digital Product Manager from Chemcert on their experiences using myEd and here is what he had to say:

How have you been using myEd at Chemcert?

Screenshot 2015-03-19 11.08.15

We have been using myEd as our primary Training and Assessment portal for students requiring Chemical Accreditation in Australia.

Our users are primarily Agricultural workers or amenity horticultural workers. We have successfully launched our Primary Accreditation Course and we are already working on getting our other training courses into the myed platform.

Our courses have already been delivered Australia wide to hundreds of students successfully using myEd.

What have you liked best about myEd?

I have personally loved the largely drag-drop intuitive content building experience as it is so useful not having to bother with clunky code and a steep learning curve.

The system just works and looks great on any device.

How do you see Chemcert using myEd in the future?

myEd = Making Learning Fun

Over Term 4 we’ve been working with Ray Trotter, Kerian Nolan and the talented team at Woorana Park Primary School in Dandenong North, Victoria.


We recently chatted to Kerian about his experiences using myEd at Woorana Park and this is what he had to say!

How have you been using myEd at Wooranna Park?

As a more engaging LMS!

What have you liked best about myEd App?

The excitement from students, and being able to very quickly and easily break down the physical barriers and co-teach with St Columbus up in Port Maquarie.

How have your students responded to using myEd? What was the engagement like? Do you have a specific story in mind you can share?

Give Your Students Richer Feedback

At myEd we are constantly working to make your job as a teacher easier – and a specific focus we have had over the last term is how we can make marking and giving feedback easier (and richer).

For example, you’ve just delivered a great lesson for your class and want to get your students to reflect on the in class discussion you all had by writing 200 word reflection for homework. You want to be able to see their work, leave feedback, but it’s not assessable – so you don’t want or need to give them a mark. You can now do all this and more with our new richer options for providing feedback and marks in myEd 🙂 When creating your activity (or when you are marking and giving feedback) you can now select from the following options:

  • No Mark
  • Correct/Incorrect
  • Word Scale
  • Number Scale
  • Percent
  • Mark/Total
  • Leave written feedback & have a conversation with your students!

See our new richer marking and feedback feature in action here:

New Marking Options

“What are schools for?”

At SchoolsTechOz Conference in Melbourne hosted at Firbank Grammar School, Simon Breakspear delivered a thought provoking keynote in which he threw down a key challenge for all educators (and society) to consider.

Given as Alvin Toffler has famously commented,


Simon challenged us all to consider the challenging question:

“What are schools for?”

Manage Your Digest of Real Time Student Progress Notifications

Stay in touch with how your students are progressing without even logging into myEd with our Real Time Nofiication Digest Emails!

Select from Daily or Weekly Digests to get all your real time notifications from students activity collected in a single email 🙂

Check out how to update your preferences here:

Notification Digest Settings

Real Time Notification Breakdown

With lots of student activity real time notifications are exciting – they give you a real time sense of your students progress and the impact you’re having as a teacher.

And we’re excited to announce that our real time notifications of student activity have just got even better!

We’ve added a breakdown or segmentation of your notifications of student progress – so if you want to only focus on notifications relating to Marking you can!

Or if you want to focus only on notifications relating to social discussions that you need to respond to or monitor you now can!

Check it out in action here:

Notification Segmentation

Flipping the classroom – students delivering PD for their teachers using myEd

Over the last week Yohan from myEd spent a day with students at Mt Eliza Secondary school as part of their Real Time Learning project.

Real Time Learning enables something incredible for students – using the principle of 20% Google time – students in Real Time Learning get 1 day of the week to work on any project of their choosing!

After seeing, using and loving learning on myEd, a group of students decided to choose as their project for the week to ‘flip the classroom’ (in more ways then one!) and teach their teachers on how to use myEd in the classroom! (which we think is really awesome on a number of levels!)

The students spent the morning working with Yohan to create their own quests and then shared one with their teachers prior to the session (flipping the PD session) and then during the session spend time working actively with each teacher showing them how to use myEd.

On top of all of this they directed, filmed and edited the following video on the process & their experience!

Check it out here: