Share beautiful learning experiences with any teacher in the world!


  1. Over the last 12 months we’ve been working together with educators and schools around the country on a solution to the curriculum sharing problem.
  2. Now when an amazing learning experience is created in Australia, India or anywhere else in the world, it can be easily shared amongst colleagues in a ready to use form, that ties into a beautiful workflow designed specifically for teachers. So each and every educator’s contribution…is global.
  3. Make it your own! We think we’ve found a great ‘Growth Mindset’ quest from Luke Kerr at Mount Eliza College, here it is for you to use, but don’t take it from us, have your say! Chop it up, add bits and pieces here and try it for yourself:   

Collaborating seamlessly across schools has always been a dream. Why doesn’t someone make it a reality?

Teacher Collaboration myEdApp

Cross school collaboration is broken. We just don’t realise it yet.

Want to collaborate with another educator in another school? Great! Let’s call a professional day together. Let’s maybe get some google hangouts going. But that’s about it… Cross-school collaboration is broken. We just don’t realise it yet.

PROBLEM #1 – Silos of innovation

Eduhack Peoples Choice Announcement

The votes are in!

Before I reveal the winner of the EduHack Peoples Choice award, I’ll give some context incase you’re just hearing about EduHack for the first time now.

Eduhack was Australia’s first educational hackathon that we hosted this month in Melbourne. The idea was to bring students, educators, entrepreneurs, designers and engineers together to share ideas, form teams, design digital products and rapidly co-create innovative solutions that tackle real education challenges over one jam packed weekend.

To hear how it all unfolded blow by blow, check out our earlier post.

The great thing about Eduhack is that after the weekend, the ideas don’t end, and we wanted to encourage that with a People’s Choice that ran for another week on Twitter. Teams spread the word about their innovative idea and got followers to vote online.

Congratulations to the winner of EduHack’s People Choice: Tock, giving students the ability to take ownership of their own timetable. Tock makes personalising timetables for students and teachers easy.

Team Tock took home a cash prize and mentoring supported from myEd and CNPE. 

Brand New Library!


Creating content for each of your classes can be really time consuming. Thats why we strive to make quests as reusable and collaborative as possible.

Hence, I’m pleased to announce our brand new Library. We’ve rebuilt the whole experience to make it easier to organise, reuse and collaborate on quests you’re creating.

After creating a new quest you can choose to save it to your library. Once in your library you will be able to use the smooth drag’n’drop to organise your quests into meaningful collections.

Check out the video to see it in action.

Screenshot 2014-08-04 17.38.51


Fostering Innovation in Australian Education @ EduHack 2014

Wow, what an amazing weekend. We just finished hosting Australia’s first ever educational hackathon in Melbourne with our great partner CPNE.

Some of you might be wondering, what is a Hackathon? And why does it matter to the education community?

The idea was to bring students, educators, entrepreneurs, designers and engineers together to share ideas, form teams, design digital products and rapidly co-create innovative solutions that tackle real education challenges over one jam packed weekend.

The weekend kicked off with a Friday night Idea Pitch. This is where people with an idea on how to change education got up and gave a 60 second pitch on their idea. The sky really was the limit. There were so many amazing ideas on all aspects of education, from improving MOOC engagement, raising feminist awareness to unique school timetabling approaches. With the pitches all over, everyone had 15 minutes to find the idea they liked best and form a team.

Assignment Collection: Easy as 1,2,3

The product team here at myEd are continuously trying to come up with ways of simplifying your job as a teacher.

Today we’re making it as easy as 1,2,3 to send out and collect your class assignments.

  1. Create a quest for your assignment. Use the start and end dates to set when you want the assignment released and due by. (Times can be easily set inside your quest)
  2. Click ‘Add Activity’ and then select ‘Assignment Dropbox’.
  3. Enter the assignment guidelines with Text, Images, Files, etc.

And in 3 steps, your done!

Your students will be able to drop their assignment into the field and you can easily mark and comment on it via Markbook.

Gamify Your Lessons with Our Shiny New Badge Editor

At the very core of myEd is our powerful gamification that makes learning fun and exciting for your students.

And today we’re making it even easier for you with our brand new badge editor.

You can now quickly whip up a fun badge to match your learning content and quests.

Just click the quest badge to bring up the editor, then simply pick your colour and icon!

Quest Badge Editor

Feeling a little lazy? Try out the randomise button up the top left and we’ll do the fun hard work for you.

Super Fast Login – Product Update

From working closely with our partner schools, we’ve noticed a real pain point amongst our students and teacher, particularly k-6, that being their own email address.

School email addresses are long and difficult to type, not to mention easy to forget. So we’ve made logging in to myEd with your school email address a breeze by adding auto-complete for your school’s email domain. Based on your school we will suggest the email domains for you so you don’t have to type them yourself.

Just type in your email and when you get to the ‘@’ sign, we’ll suggest some completions.