4 Steps to Flip Your Classroom – Exclusive Video Interview

Want to flip your class but unsure where to start?

We sat down in an exclusive video interview with Jon Bergman and Aaron Sams, the founders of the Flipped Class Movement to ask them for their steps on getting starting flipping your class.

Here’s the 4 important things they recommend for anyone to do before flipping your class!

But how can you ensure your flip is engaging for your students and works across the higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy?

We’ve developed a quest you can use (and share with anyone at your school who’s wanting to flip their class) which provides a quick and simple planning tool to design high quality flips fast!

Get access to this free quest on ‘Getting Started Flipped Your Class’ here:

Click this link – http://myedapp.com/quest/Pdy7RRaQ/get-started-flipping-your-class

Inspired to flip your class?

You can easily flip your class in minutes using myEd – get started for free here!