Share beautiful learning experiences with any teacher in the world!


  1. Over the last 12 months we’ve been working together with educators and schools around the country on a solution to the curriculum sharing problem.
  2. Now when an amazing learning experience is created in Australia, India or anywhere else in the world, it can be easily shared amongst colleagues in a ready to use form, that ties into a beautiful workflow designed specifically for teachers. So each and every educator’s contribution…is global.
  3. Make it your own! We think we’ve found a great ‘Growth Mindset’ quest from Luke Kerr at Mount Eliza College, here it is for you to use, but don’t take it from us, have your say! Chop it up, add bits and pieces here and try it for yourself: http://myedapp.com/quest/QdJzz9dO/grow-your-mind-with-a-growth-mindset   

Collaborating seamlessly across schools has always been a dream. Why doesn’t someone make it a reality?

Teacher Collaboration myEdApp

Cross school collaboration is broken. We just don’t realise it yet.

Want to collaborate with another educator in another school? Great! Let’s call a professional day together. Let’s maybe get some google hangouts going. But that’s about it… Cross-school collaboration is broken. We just don’t realise it yet.

PROBLEM #1 – Silos of innovation