We’re waging a war on lonely online learning by making learning intrinsically social

Learning online can be a lonely experience. You navigate through some activities, watch a video, read some material and answer some questions.

All by yourself.

Want to have a discussion with a peer? You’ve got to either use a completely separate tool (Facebook Groups or Edmodo), or you’ve got to click a tab which takes you into a forum.

And immediately your focus is broken and fragemented. You’ve moved away from the learning experience.

But this isn’t what real authentic learning looks like – where as you read or watch a video in class you can turn to your friend and ask a question, debate a point, get clarification. Immediately. It’s contextually relevant to the information and content you’re currently learning and exploring.

And that’s why we’ve introduced inline social discussions in myEd to create an intrinsically social learning experience for your students!

Chemcert Training Launch their Online Courses with myEd

We’re proud to announce that as of January 2015, Chemcert Training Group have launched their first (of many more to come) online chemical accreditation course with myEd!

ChemCert Training Group was established in 2002 by parent company ChemCert Limited who is a non-profit, industry-owned and operated company established in 1999 as the peak body for the training and accreditation of pesticide users in NSW. Chemcert Training now provide chemical accreditation to learners across Australia.

We recently chatted to Harris Karatzetzos, the Print and Digital Product Manager from Chemcert on their experiences using myEd and here is what he had to say:

How have you been using myEd at Chemcert?

Screenshot 2015-03-19 11.08.15

We have been using myEd as our primary Training and Assessment portal for students requiring Chemical Accreditation in Australia.

Our users are primarily Agricultural workers or amenity horticultural workers. We have successfully launched our Primary Accreditation Course and we are already working on getting our other training courses into the myed platform.

Our courses have already been delivered Australia wide to hundreds of students successfully using myEd.

What have you liked best about myEd?

I have personally loved the largely drag-drop intuitive content building experience as it is so useful not having to bother with clunky code and a steep learning curve.

The system just works and looks great on any device.

How do you see Chemcert using myEd in the future?