Real Time Notifications are Now Live :)

You asked for it and it’s now here – real time push notifications & email digests!

Want to know when a student has completed a quest?

Submitted work?

Asked a question on social learning?

In a single glance you can now keep track of all of your students activity with our real time push notifications – and you can easily click and navigate directly to it to easily provide feedback & help your students!


To also make it easy for you to keep track of your students’ progress we send you a daily or weekly digest email of all your students’ activity 🙂

How to Make School the Best 7 Hours of a Kids Life – Gary Stager

At Expanded Learning Horizon’s (ELH) Changerous Ideas Conference down in Lorne, Victoria, Gary Stager, author of Invent to Learn delivered a thought provoking  presentation with a key challenge for educators to ask ourselves:

How do I make school today the best 7 hours of a kids life?

How do I make school something that a kid wakes up in the middle of night wanting to go to school to work on something that means something to them?

Here’s some of Gary’s suggestions for how to make this possible:

1. Technology is a Game Changer

What will education look like in 2030?

At Expanded Learning Horizon’s (ELH) Changerous Ideas Conference down in Lorne, Victoria, Stephen Harris, Principal at Northern Beaches Christian School, and Founder of the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning delivered the final keynote address exploring the question:

What will education look like in 2030?

Here are our 5 key take-outs from Stephen’s keynote:

1. Schools must be part of the real world

busy-street-nyc-2010 (1)

The phrase “wait until you get into the real world” is often heard around schools, but schools need to become part of the real world – as after all that’s exactly what schools are meant to be equipping students for. The irony is that to do this we remove young people from the real world and this divide that’s been allowed to continue is damaging.

myEd helps me stay organised & monitor student progress

One of a number of schools we’ve been working this year has been Turramurra High School – we recently chatted to Douglas about his experiences as a teacher using myEd with his Year 8 and Year 10 classes.

What has your experience been using myEd so far? What do you love about it?

myEd helps students focus.

Where an assignment or activity sheet may have lots of words, stimuli and instructions, myEd helps set out the content in a way (small chunks along a quest) where a student can focus on one piece of content or instruction at a time, allowing them to focus on this and not get distracted.