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We owe it all to Jess...

Jess was a student of Daniel Wolf-Clark, one of myEdOnline’s founders.

Jess was learning maths 4+ year levels above her age. Whilst Sam sitting next to Jess was struggling with the foundations.

Daniel struggled to keep up with Jess, and at the same time meet Sam’s needs. Not to mention the other 22 students in the class. It seemed the only solution was for Daniel to work harder and harder. Unsurprisingly, that wasn’t sustainable. He burnt out.

Educators everywhere tell a similar tale to Daniel’s. Too often ending with them leaving teaching altogether. Daniel couldn’t just walk away, or give up. He made it his mission to answer the question:

How can educators cater for 3, 4 or even 5+ different levels in the classroom without burning out?

That’s why we created MyEdOnline.

myEdOnline is an award-winning ed-tech company with the mission to personalise learning, giving educators the platform to help their students reach their full potential.

In a little over 6 years, we’ve reached over 130,000 students across hundreds of schools around the country.

Now, myEdOnline is part of the Education Horizons Group – the leading K-12 school ed-tech provider. The group brings together the brightest minds in education technology – myEdOnline, SEQTA, Synergetic, OMNILINK, SchoolPRO, and SPS.

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